Stars Burn Out is an introspective fantasy tale of a transgender prince, Ryker, and his long journey through becoming a young adult. Conflicts between his friends lead him to having to decide the fate of the universe at large.

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Genre: Psychological, Horror, Fantasy, Romance
All characters and story adaptation are original and copyrighted!!


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8th Jul 2021, 1:03 PM

Update on Chapter 5 Progress

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B0ySkylark 8th Jul 2021, 1:03 PM
Hey guys! Its been a minute since the end of Chapter 4 and I owe you a big ol explanation of whats been going on with me.

So here we go:

First off I graduated college! I graduated in December and that was a great thing, The school I was attending was very not good to me as a student or a QPOC. I wont go into detail but I'm glad to be done with them. In February I moved to Florida! I'm glad to be back on the east coast but things have been hectic to say the very very VERY least. When we got here we IMMEDIATELY had to move bc the place we originally found was not livable. After that I took a very long break from creating almost anything bc mentally I couldnt do it. My mental health tanked bc I havent been getting any work (freelance, contract, commission, or even studio work) and thats made thing at home tighter. I also almost gave up on SBO entirely, since in that time where I wasnt updating I was pitching SBO to different agents and publishers all of which turned me down. I wish I could say SBO will be officially published but it doesnt look like its happening any time soon. In the mean time I'll continue updating as I normally do (between here, tumblr, and tapas) and as we progress we can possibly attempt a kickstarter to get SBO printed at the minimum! Outside of that I've also been trying to reignite my streams and streaming on picarto! That's given me a big leg up on being able to broaden what I stream (namely a NSFW project I've been working on!) which has actually helped and brought more people in to see my work! Its been a great time just hanging out with friends and working for the last few weeks, I dont have a schedule and thats been nice. I just do it whenever I feel like it and they usually last 4+ hours if I'm doing well... BUT last week was a bad week. I had to go to the ER bc I couldnt use my right arm without being in pain. I'm good now, so thats all i'll say about the situation.

Now on to the more important stuff, what about chapter 5 Ky? Wheres that? Whats the situation there?

Its coming! Its taking me some time bc of the whole no one wanting to publish it/represent me causing my motivation to take a massive hit but theres no worry. I had a major down turn but i'm back on my feet and ready to tackle it head on. The fact is that since i'm a one man team its taking some time, which it always does. Chapter 5 is important for a few reason; 1.) Its the end of book 1! It signifies that the first main arc of the story is ending! 2.) It introduces an important group of characters to the fold that make Rykers journey so much easier and tolerable. and 3.) Worldbuilding loooooore. I'm not great at that but it's a big BIG first step in some of the world building.

This post is kind of my commitment to you guys. I wanna be able to keep you updated on a lot of whats going on with SBO and its progress. If you wanna preread/preview or even get involved in SBO's production feel free to check out my patreon! I try to update it often when my brain isnt on fire. You can also catch me on twitter and tumblr! (tumblr is perfect for asking me any burning questions you have about SBO or even its characters (note: I'll answer any character directed questions in character!), even anonymously)


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